Many countries experience huge snowfall, and snowstorms during some months of the year. There are many areas in the world that always have to deal with heavy snowfall. Regular snowfalls make a heavy layer of snow on the roof. If the roof does not get removed in time it can damage the roof and also causes other issues too. So t is significant to timely remove the snow. 

There are many roofing contractors that provide roofing services in usa. These roofing service providers offer snow removal services from professional roofers. You should always go for professional roofers for removing snow from the roof. Such roofers possess great knowledge about roofing and its related services and use the latest methods and techniques. 

There are many things that professional roofers keep in mind while doing snow removal. Roofers take care of the things that can damage the roof and only do the beneficial things. 

We are here with a guide for removing the snow that professionals follow while doing their job. Read on!

DO’s of Snow Removal:-

  • Snow removal must always start from the edge of the roof and then go further.
  • Always use plastic tools such as snow rakes for pitched roofs.
  • You must shave the snow down only 2 - 3 inches, deep shaving can damage the roof and other coverings.  
  • It is necessary to throw the shoveled snow from the flat roofs away from the building. 
  • You should always keep gutters and drains clean. These should be free from ice and snow. Must keep downspouts clean at ground level. 
  • Firstly you should remove the drifted snow at elevation building changes, parapets, and around equipment.
  •  Always remove the remaining snow after removing drifts from the center of the roof.
  • To prevent unbalanced snow loading, must remove in the direction of primary structural elements on the roof.

DON’ts of Snow Removal:-

  • It is suggested not to use sharp tools to remove the snow. It will not remove the snow efficiently and harm the roof as well. 
  • You must not melt the snow off the rooftop using electronic devices such as hair dryers or heat guns. Do not use the open flame devices to remove the snow as well. Using such things can cause more snow on the roof and add more weight to the roof. 
  • Do not use the standard ladder to reach the rooftop. It may develop ice on the rungs of the primary structure and cause danger to the one using the ladder. 
  • You should not stockpile the snow on the roof.
  • Mechanical snow removal equipment is not suggested to remove the snow. It can damage the roof membrane.

Ways to keep your roof clear of snow:-

  • Heating cables to prevent ice dams-

Using heating cables will help you to slide the snow right off. If you put them along sections of the roof or in the gutter, it will prevent icy build-up. Heated cables are weather resistant and insulated electric cables. It can warm up your downspouts and overhangs when keeping the ice out of the eaves. Heating cables are safe with metal roofs and non-combustible shingles. 

  • Remove snow with a roof rake-

It is significant to use the right tool to remove the snow. You can use a long-handled rake to remove snow when you have a pitched roof. For every type of roof, there are different tools that are used. Only use particular tools to remove the snow. Not doing so can damage the roof badly and can also lead to a waste of money. 

  • Take professional snow removal services-

Removing the snow from your roof every time is not an easy task. You can remove it when there is less snow. But when there is a heavy snow pile, you must call the professionals. They have the proper knowledge and use the latest tools and techniques to remove. Taking service from a professional will allow you to easily get rid of all snow without damage to the roof. 


The roof should always be maintained as it is the major part of every house or any building. In winter, it is normal to have heavy snow on the rooftop. You must hire professionals for this so that your roof will be snow free. 

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