Has your roof been repaired as soon as you see any sign of damage as damage can extend unimpeded to other parts of your house? This can lead to the rise of new problems that can be both time-consuming and expensive to fix. Hence Preventive roof maintenance is required followed by a proper roof inspection to minimise the risk of roof damage.If roofs are not repaired on time, it can get worse and may lead to serious repercussions later.

Well, today we are going to discuss how these threat signs can be detected and when you must call professional roofing companies in the USA, to get it repaired before it's too late.

In the USA, bad weather is not an uncommon event. During bad weather conditions and severe storms, your old roof is prone to much more damage than you actually realize. There are various sources of roof damage which you are more likely to experience storms, plants, animals, severe snowfall, Avalanches etc

You must be well aware of the fact that any roof damage leads to shortening the lifespan of the roof. 

How do early detect the signs of roof damage?

A routine roof inspection from reliable contractors gives you an idea about the level of roof damage. A professional roofer can do a complete inspection, to identify the signs and causes of your roof damage.

If professionals or you report any of the common signs then you have a damaged roof.

 Let’s explore the list containing seven types of damages:

  • Sagging ceiling

If water puddles and collects fast enough in the attic, your ceiling may begin to sag as it can get pretty heavy with the weight of water. If it gets unnoticed for longer periods of time, the water will eventually wear its way through and cause a section of the ceiling to collapse on the floor. Any mould or mildew growth or sagging spots in your ceiling is a definite sign that there is water leakage in your roof.

  • Signs of moisture or water leaks in the roof

Water leakage problem is common and water can leak into your house without your knowledge. Don’t forget to check your attic area for any signs of moisture, such as mildew, water stains, mould and even pools of water.  Regular checks must be advised especially during the rainy season. Water can cause structural damage and cause your repair bills to stack up.

  • Damaged shingles

If you notice missing, broken, or flipped shingles, then it is a strong sign that your roof needs repair. However, this kind of shingles can be repaired. But extensively damaged shingles require to be replaced. Any cracked, dented or missing shingles need to fix urgently. Also if your shingles deteriorated over time, then it confirms that your roof needs big repairs or a replacement.

  • Higher energy bills

A sudden spike in energy bills notifies an alarming situation probably means that the air inside your house is leaking from your roof.

Check your attic for signs of a leak or improper installation. Roff is considered a robust ventilation system. A damaged roof allows cool or warm air to leak out of your home, resulting in your appliances taking longer time period of time to work. Call for roof maintenance contractors to get your roof repaired.

  • Presence of mould/moss growth

Moisture leads to the growth of mould. Mould, moss, or mildew growth makes roofing materials rot. A professional scrutinises the problem areas to prevent spreading and further damage. Wet spots and algae growth is certain if moisture is being trapped between roof shingles.

This is high time probably you have to fix or replace it.

Keep in mind that the damage might extend beyond what’s apparent at first sight.

  • Visible Exterior Light and Peeling Paint

If you notice light streams coming into your house through any holes in the roof, you need roof repair. The coming light indicates that your roofing has holes, cracks, or spaces. A poorly ventilated attic results in a build-up of humidity which caused outside paint to blister or peel. The cost to repair this can be huge later. Plus a failing gutter system can cause damage to your roof deck, so it’s all connected in the end. Lookout for the above warning signs before time so that your roof can be repaired in an adequate time frame.

Blocked Gutters

Overflowing or blocked gutters always cause roof damage. Gutter functions by directing water away from your roof. If your gutters are blocked due to the granules collection, sand deposition or clumps of detritus. Gutters should be clear to promote water flow. Blocked gutters cause floods or leakages and can act as breeding sites for pests. A professional ensures the proper flow of rainwater throughout your house's exterior. Clogged gutters can lead to excessive shingle damage.

Wrap up

If the damage to your roof is beyond your control, a total tear-off and replacement may be your best alternative. Roof replacement contractors will check for any significant moisture, if it is more than 25% then your roof is considered to be damaged. In this scenario, it is advised to replace the complete roof as it is cost-effective.

Consult reliable roofing professionals for an assessment to see whether your roof is a good candidate for any of their services.